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The year 2019 is nearer to its end. The Office of the Building Information Foundation will be closed during 23.12. – 7.1. We will return your e-mails again starting from the 7th of January 2020. The technical working group will return to its meeting routine on 22nd of January 2020.


Classification of Indoor Environment 2018 is available in English

Classification of Indoor Environment 2018: Target Values, Design Guidance and Product Requirements has been published in English. 

The emission classification of building materials is part of the Classification of Indoor Environment 2018, which is intended to be used in the design and construction of healthier and more comfortable buildings and their mechanical systems. 

The Classification of Indoor Environment can be used for new construction and, when applicable, also for renovation. The 2018 version replaces Classification of Indoor Environment 2008.

You can purchase the English version here »

Important dates, summer 2019

The next technical working group meeting will be held on 18th of June. In July there will be no technical working group meeting. In August we will resume our monthly schedule and the working group will meet on 12th of August. 

During the holiday season 8th -26th of July our customer service will be closed. We will return to your enquiries again from Monday 29th of July.

M1 has been included in the list of recognized environmental markings of the GREEN BOOK catalogue

GREEN BOOK is a catalogue of environmentally friendly materials that was developed pursuant to the list of instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the GREEN BOOK is to inform stakeholders about building and finishing materials that are safe for people and the environment. Further information about the catalogue can be read on EcoStandard’s news release and on (in Russian). 

SURVEY INVITATION: Hygienic interiors

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr is a private, non-profitmaking Foundation whose task is to foster both good planning and building methods and good property management practices. 

At the moment, a precise definition for a hygienic interior does not exist, which would help for example planning an indoor environment. Hygienic interior means an interior in a property where special attention has been drawn to healthiness and cleanliness.

With the help of this short survey, the Building Information Foundation collects information on whether a definition of interior hygiene is needed. The definition could be such as the Classification of Indoor Environment – in this case it would not be obligatory, however it would be a significant guideline, for example, in designing an indoor environment. Indoor hygiene could also be instructed and evaluated with a standard or a certificate.

By answering this survey, you can have an impact on whether a definition will be planned and if so, what kind of definition should be developed. The response time ends on October 28th. A lottery will be drawn among the respondents, and the winner will get the book Alvar Aalto Homes. The book beautifully presents the pearls of Aalto’s housing design. Thank you for your answers in advance!

Take the survey here »

Best regards,
The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
Laura Sariola
+358 40 832 5750

A presentation about the RTS Envinronmental Classification in the Indoor Air 2018 Conference in Philadelphia

Laura Sariola will talk about the RTS Environmental Classification in the Indoor Air 2018 Conference, Philadelphia in July. The title for the presentation is RTS GLT-Environmental Classification - Experiences and New Developments. More information and the conference program can be found here »

Give us feedback by responding a short survey

We would like to know your opinion about the M1-application process and our customer service.
Please, give us feedback anonymously by responding a short customer satisfaction survey here » . The survey has only four questions, so it only takes a minute or two of your time. The survey is open until June 15.

Every answer is valuable and helps us to improve our service. Thank you in advance!

The latest M1 News Release

An update on the M1 testing protocol

A new version of the M1 testing protocol is available for download on our website. You can also download it from this link (pdf). 

Hygiene Classification? 

The purpose of the Building Information Foundation RTS sr is to develop building information services and products continuously to the construction industry and real estate sector. There are lot of guidance and standards concerning cleaning and hygiene e.g for hospitals, health care services and premises as well as for food establishments.  

We have created Indoor Air Classification for offices and residential buildings twenty years ago in Finland but there are no classification requirements for hygiene or cleaning in that guidance. The Building Information Foundation would be grateful, if you could answer to the questionnaire concerning Hygiene Classification. 

Please answer the questions in webropol-survey and you will take part in the lottery. The winner will get a 366-page information package of Finland: the ‘Suomi Finland 100 years’ book called “The Building of Finland“. 

Link to the questionnaire » 

More information: 

Laura Sariola / The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
tel +358 40 8325750

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