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An update on the M1 testing protocol

A new version of the M1 testing protocol is available for download on our website. You can also download it from this link (pdf). 

Hygiene Classification? 

The purpose of the Building Information Foundation RTS sr is to develop building information services and products continuously to the construction industry and real estate sector. There are lot of guidance and standards concerning cleaning and hygiene e.g for hospitals, health care services and premises as well as for food establishments.  

We have created Indoor Air Classification for offices and residential buildings twenty years ago in Finland but there are no classification requirements for hygiene or cleaning in that guidance. The Building Information Foundation would be grateful, if you could answer to the questionnaire concerning Hygiene Classification. 

Please answer the questions in webropol-survey and you will take part in the lottery. The winner will get a 366-page information package of Finland: the ‘Suomi Finland 100 years’ book called “The Building of Finland“. 

Link to the questionnaire » 

More information: 

Laura Sariola / The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
tel +358 40 8325750

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